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iranians were killing american troops and did so throughout the war. there was no response. how can it be that a super power, this country, would allow such travesty without response? whether it's the bush administration or the obama administration. >> the problem, lou, is that under the bush administration, it was basically putting pressure on the iranians. we were present in iraq. we tried to contain hezbollah. we had u.n. resolutions against hezbollah and lebanon. it was not efficient. in the obama administration, there's disengagement, connect the dots, sending away from the gulf half of the task force, sending messages to the leadership of the iranians not to reform, but to engage with us. we are not helping the iraqis who are rising against iranian influence. iran is sending weapons and also its own guarded in syria to help crush its own opposition. while we are claiming our sanctions are working, iran is all over the map, and more recently, lou, two things. iranian navy has facilities on the coast in the ports on the red sea, and port sudan. their navy crushed the suez canal
american citizens and everybody says okay, next. >> barack obama has gone further than president george w. bush ever did this killing people with the drones but killing american citizens without due process as a lawyer i think those who have no respect, shame on you. >> george orwell wrote animal farm the famous phrase some page are more equal than others may be some citizens are more equal than others. lou: joe biden referring to the public's right purses a citizen's right to, this is nasty. >> a collectivist mindset they don't see us as individuals as a collectivist society redistribution of wealth let me take your money and give it to someone else. >> socialism? collectivism. >> may be a community organizer. [laughter] spirit the constitution gave power to the people and the people gave the power to the government but this administration thinks they are the government and have ♪ making the big romantic gesture. that's powerful. verizon. get a droid razr m by motorola in pink for $49.99. i don't have to leave my desk anget up and go to the post office anymore. [ male announcer ] with
. >> that was president obama yesterday, urging americans to help in the fight for tougher gun laws. and later today, four lawmakers from both sides of the aisle will unveil the first bipartisan gun control legislation in the house. their bill cracks down on gun trafficking, which is part of president obama's proposal. and joining me now is democratic congresswoman, carolyn maloney of new york. she is one of the representatives holding today's news conference to announce that bill. congresswoman, it's great to see you. and explain to all of us first out of the gate, more about how this bill would work. and what you've been able to craft, how exactly do you feel it's going to cut down on gun violence? >> well, basically, thomas -- and thank you for having me on your show -- it will stop the flow of guns to criminals. for the first time, we'll have not only a bipartisan bill, but a bill that combats gun trafficking and makes it a crime. it's hard to believe, but it's not a felony now. it also increases the penalties. it is sympathetic we believe that can pass, because it will stop the flow of guns to illega
. constitutional scholar barack obama is demanding the right to kill american citizens without making his case to a judge, as long as he thinks the american in question is in an upper tier of operations of al-qaeda or a related group. but you can't water board the guy. you can kill him, but we can't water board him. we can kill the son of a-- but we can't torture him. have i got this right? >> and rick santorum joins us, nice to see you. >> great to see you, and rush, you had it right and that's the hypocrisy of this. that you have an administration that wanted to have civilian trials for terrorists and not even american citizens, but have civilian trials for everyone. and i just think that the hypocrisy of now saying we're going to be able to kill them if we suspect that they are a senior level operative is hypocrisy. >> greta: kill americans, that's the distinction. >> that's the distinction it, i agree he that rush is absolutely right on. now let's get to the policy. the policy itself so he is a hypocrite. let's put that in place. >> greta: he meaning? >> the president for the positions he'
to target american citizens, this is not sit ising well with law makers on either side of the aisle. yesterday a group of 11 senators sent a letter to president obama demanding answers and they explain that congress and the american people need to have a "full understanding" of aah the ekimov ittive branch interprets the limits and boundaries of this authority that congress and the public can decide whether it is subject to aprep patriot limit tax increases and safeguards. as the fallout leaked as it mounted earlier today the administration immediately went into damage control mode earlier attorney general eric holder tried to clarify why these actions might be necessary. watch this. >> one of the things i want to make sure that everybody understands is that our primary concern is to keep the american people safe but to o do so in a way consistent with our laws and consistent with our values. we are are -- we have as a basis for action that we take congressional statute that allows us to operate against al-qaeda and associated entities not only in pakistan or not only in afghanistan
the obama administration is a allowing the targeting of american citizens to die. killing them without allowing them any legal recourse, no safeguards in place and the killings themselves are based on limits that one aclu official likely called elastic, vaguely defined and easily manipulated and d in the pro process killing many other nontargetted human beings in one case innocent children. i have to ask are the democrats going to rake obama over the coals like they did george w. bush? what about the news media? are we going to start seeing outrage from the networks? that is doubtful. there will be silence from the lap dogs in the obama mania media. in terms of the sher depth and breadth of hypocrisy and this story this is about the hardest story to beat. joining me with reaction from the american center for law and justice, jay seculw and dennis kucinich. welcome back to hannity. and dennis is now part of the family. let me get this straight. so eit enhanced interrogation is torture, it is unconstitutional and contrary to our ideas. it is not who we are but killing people is? killing
. but there is concern among some on capitol hill that the policy removes the right of american terror suspects to a trial by jury. and on tuesday the white house press corps pushed obama officials on the issue. >> this is giving legal justification for killing american citizens without any trial whatsoever, without any evidence. >> i would point you to the ample judicial precedence for the idea that someone who takes up arms against the united states in a war against the united states is an enemy and therefore could be targeted accordingly. >> reporter: so far there is one known case of an american being targeted with a drone strike. >> america cannot and will not win. >> reporter: an ware al-awaki was killed at a base in yemen. >> congress interested the memo in order to get a better understanding of the government's drone policies. congressional members will get their own chance to question administration officials tomorrow when john brennan heads to capitol hill for his confirmation hearing to become the next head of the c.i.a. he is considered the architect of the drone strike program. >>>
. among the strikes launched from the base was the one that killed an american born al qaeda leader for years ago. the obama administration has approved the killing of u.s. citizens if they are known to pose an imminent threat to the country. >> lithium ion batteries are not necessarily safe for use on airplanes -- not necessarily unsafe but safeguards need to be in place. the board is looking into the possibility that battery should have to meet tougher testing standards. x a sunny and windy day to day. >> a nice surprise for an elementary schoolteacher in southwest washington today. a show of appreciation. miss simms is a third grade teacher and she had no idea she was going to be honored. she received this year's education award. she gets a $25,000 cash prize. >> my third grade students bring a smile to my face every day. >> if you are wondering what she will do with the money she is getting, she says she will pay all some bills and possibly purchase a harley-davidson. that will make her even more popular with her students. >> boston is under a blizzard watch right now. new engla
, obama administration lawyers argue the government can kill americans believed to be top taliban leaders posing, quote, an imminent threat of attack against the united states. >> we have acknowledged the united states that sometimes we use remotely piloted aircraft to conduct targeted strikes against specific al qaeda terrorists to prevent attacks on the united states and to save american lives. we conduct those strikes because they're necessary to mitigate ongoing actual threats, to stop plots, prevent future attacks and save american lives. the strikes are legal, ethical an wise. >> but as expected, the memo coming under fire from civil rights activists because of how broadly imminent threat is defined. quote, the condition that an operational leader present an imminent threat of violent attack against the united states does not require the united states to have clear evidence that a specific attack on u.s. persons and interests will take place in the immediate future. now, the memo also has new details on legal case behind more drone strikes against al qaeda suspects. such as a strike
, the secretary of defense revealed after five months that while four americans died tragically, president obama and hillary clinton were awol and the defense department and the joint chiefs of staff were apparently unable to do anything to save our boys. tough story. we'll talk about it. "the kudlow report" begins right now. >>> first up the big story this evening. the northeast getting pounded with snow. nbc's jay gray is in boston, and that's still expected to be where the worst of it will happen. jay, governor patrick in massachusetts ordered all cars off the road at 4:00 p.m. today. does it look like people are following that order? >> reporter: hey there and good evening from boston. yeah, for the most part it looks like people are complying with that order to stay off the roadways. from our vantage point over the last couple of hours all we've seen are plows, sanding trucks and emergency officials out. that's good news. it means people are listening. they're inside their homes and trying to ride this storm out. look, this may be the hardest-hit area in this blizzard. forecasters saying we
an american for assassination, it's the obama administration advancing novel legal theories. >> we have have as a basis for action a congressional statute that allows us to to operate and balking at congressional oversite. >> i have nothing on alleged memos regarding potentially classified memphis. >> this president when he was a senator excoriated the bush administration for its presumption of an imperial presidency and presidential powers. now that he's the president, he's lucky he doesn't have a senator obama who is chas chastg him from the floor of the united states senate. >> reporter: some of the obama supporters dabbing at the sand man in their eyes appear to have awakend to the double standard. >> i have to say i was definitely on the critical end of things as were members of my family. we were very, very, very concerned about how far the bush administration pushed the boundaries of not only what is constitutional but what is morally right, and this is definitely in the same category. >> obviously a democratic administration white house secret war policy memos are very different from
demanding more details into how the administration justifies the targeted killing of american citizens. the white house says president obama has directed the department of justice to brief members of the intelligence committees. the move comes after five groups of 11 senators led by ron widen of oregon demanded insight into the government's legal rational for drone strikes against americans abroad. senator widen took his frustrations to twitter writing, every american has the right to know when their government believes it is allowed to kill them. very strong words. this, of course, follows a leaked white house memo obtained by nbc news this week detailing the criteria required for such a strike. the white house yesterday found itself under quite a bit of pressure ahead to have day's sthat confirmation hearings for john brennan, of course, nominated to be the next head of the cia. >> why you are dancing around the question of whether or not we kill civilians? why can't the government -- >> i don't think that i'm dancing around it. i didn't dispute it. >> not necessarily -- >> what i ca
.s. ambassador and three other americans. she took aim at senate republicans who accused the obama administration of deceiving the nation about what happened. >> the fact is we had four dead americans. was it because of a protest? or was it because guys out for a walk one night who decided they would go kill some americans? what difference, at this point, does it make? >> suarez: president obama, gave her high praise in a joint interview sunday with cbs's "60 minutes." >> i think hillary will go down as one of the finest secretary of states we've had. it has been a great collaboration over the last four years. ( cheers and applause ) >> suarez: clinton said her immediate goal is to catch up on "20 years of sleep deprivation". as for any political aspirations, she hasn't made any intentions known. but an independent super-pac has been created to support her with hopes that she'll run again for president in 2016. meanwhile, clinton's successor, former massachusetts senator john kerry, was sworn in at a ivate reny ts afternoon and starts work monday. for more on hillary clinton's legacy, we turn to
president obama has instructed us to be more open with the american people about these efforts. >> why exactly the obama administration thinks these strikes are legal. they say, let me say as simply as i can, in full accordance with the law, the united states government conducted targeted strikes. in full accordance with the law. we know that they do think it's legal. but they won't say why they think it's legal. the closest we have come to learning about how the obama administration justifies drone strikes is this. in the fall of 2011, "new york times" reporter charlie savidge wrote this story. this is about a week after awlaki was killed. the story describes a super secret 50-page memo written by an office within the justice department that effectively serves as the obama's administration's legal justification for why they think it's okay to kill an american citizen without a trial. now "the new york times" did not actually get to see this memo. they did not publish the memo, nor did they quote from it directly. the momentum mow was described to the reporter by anonymous sources. and
. but for an american destination, you want a unique part of this country, go down to that area. i have got to run, mary katharine and juan, thank you. good segment. next on the run down, no question president obama is is bolder now than he has ever been in setting up left wing agenda. good reason for that brit hume with analysis moments away. >> bill: impact segment tonight, president obama moving left if can you believe it. the national journal, which covers politics online, done an analysis of why president obama does not need support traditional americans any longer i told that you on election night. as you may know the president won the popular vote by about 5 million and electoral vote by 126. but the race was close up until the very last weekend when governor romney inexplicably disappeared. the truth is romney could have defeated president obama but he needed to wage aggressive campaign but he didn't. the national journal has concluded that president obama has given up, given up trying to persuade culturally conservative white americans to his cause. the journal is saying the president believes
scoop and interview with the stars. and why does president obama think it is okay to kill americans ? what does he care? it is not like they are his fellow country men. and babies wearing perfume? the story so bad it stinks. greg? >> happy anniversary, greg? >> anniversary? >> you forgot, didn't you? >> what anniversary. >> what is the anniversary of? >> well, we met in a bar on 9th avenue about eight years ago. you were watering a tight t-shirt and i was crying in the corner because someone rolled me. >> i didn't know that was you. i didn't realize something happened? >> i appreciate your compassion and i will never forget that moment. >> it was something like that. >> actually it is the "red eye" anniversary. we are six years and one hour old. >> that is so true. i have had enough of talking to you. >> go away. >> let's welcome our guest. >> she is so british she sleeps in a tea kettle. i am here with i'm ma -- immogen lloyd webber. her later book is called "the twitter diaries." and georgia attorney patrick milsaps. and in san francisco he is considered a go cart. it is my repuls
from both sides. 24 hours after the obama administration had given authorities to kill americans with drones, we're asking why there's not more outrage in the media and capitol hill. hollywood speaks out defending the second amendment. here is a hint who it is. [ male announcer ] truth is, dayquil doesn't treat that. really? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms, plus it relieves your runny nose. [ breathes deeply ] awesome. [ male announcer ] yes, it is. that's the cold truth! i have obligations. cute tobligations, but obligations.g. i need to rethink the core of my portfolio. what i really need is sleep. introducing the ishares core, building blocks for the heart of your portfolio. find out why 9 out of 10 large professional investors choose ishares for their etfs. ishares by blackrock. call 1-800-ishares for a prospectus which includes investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. read and consider it carefully before investing. risk includes possible loss of principal. [ whispering ] that's crazy, the cookie's the best part. crème. cookie
who live in the fever swamps of birtherisms who claim president obama isn't an american, isn't a christian, who say global warming is a hoax and talk about legitimate rape. these people with the base of the republican party. one is paul broun, he's a republican from georgia who's decided now to run for the u.s. senate from that state. that's a gift many people believe to democrats. his extreme right wing views might give them, the democrats, a real chance to win a seat in a red georgia. joining me now is the genius and co-creator of "the daily show" lizz winstead and laura ashburn. i'd like both of you to listen to some of paul broun's greatest hits then i want your reaction. let's listen. >> obama himself has zero experience in private sector. he's never had a private job. he's always worked in the public sector. he thinks government needs to produce everything. government needs to control everything. there's a word for that. socialism. he's a marxist. fellow patriots, we have a lot of domestic enemies of the constitution and they're right down the mall in the congress of th
. responsibility. what's your policy? >>> the big story here today, any questions about how engaged president obama really is in american foreign policy. tonight on special report, one republican senator says the president must be held accountable for his leadership in the aftermath of last fall's benghazi terror attack. on thursday defense secretary leon panetta struggled to explain the president's lack of involvement during the crisis. >>> america could be energy independent in the coming years. advances in technology such as fracking and horizontal drilling have increased natural gas production by 27% in the last four years. there's positive news tonight about the housing industry. we'll hear from the chief economist for government lender freddie mac. >>> the search goes on tonight for a former lapd cop suspected of going on a shooting rampage, killing three people. special report from washington starts at 6:00 eastern righ. right now, back to new york and the five. >> a new study from kansas state finds people who use the internet at work spend most of the time doing things unrelated to their j
with protecting students. the award honors americans who have performed deeds of service for their country or fellow citizens. >> democrats in congress are considering putting limits on the president's use of deadly drone strikes. just yesterday, a leaked memo showed president obama's justification for killing americans overseas working with al-qaida. the drone program is expected to be a top issue when the president's choice has meetings tomorrow. the master mind of the drone strikes. one of them killed was a top leader in al-qaida. >>> also on capitol hill, another budget battle between congress and the president. the nation is facing billions of dollars of automatic spending cuts set to take affect next month. hundreds of thousands of jobs are at risk right here in the dc region. melanie alnwick is live on capitol hill with the details. >> reporter: good morning, tony. president obama has not put out a specific proposal yet and one might assume he's going to discuss options when he meets with democrats in annapolis today. even so, the president is urging law makers to come up with some
, the indian americans are overwhelmingly supporting president obama, and in fact, 84% of the indian american vote went for president obama, and so that tells you the ideology and the values and the thinking of the american indian is opposite of jindal. so jindal representing the extreme right wing has done two shifts. the first shift he did was when he entered politics, and converted himself to an extreme version of christianity, and wrote to president bush that this conversion is going to drive his and guide his political career and got some endorsements and became as white as he could except for the skin color. his manners -- >> and you used passing to describe him? >> yes, because the american experience being one of immigrants and new people coming to the country is an experience of groups forming identity as americans and different kinds of americans, and the indian american group is a new one and still in the early stages of defining who we are, and so most of us are quite dismayed at the sellout and the hypocrisy of jindal, because on the one hand, he has distanced himself from the in
president obama announced the killing of american-born al qaeda leader anwar al-awlaki. he was the target of a u.s. drone strike in yemen. >> the death of al-awlaki is a major blow to al qaeda's most active operational affiliates. he took the lead in planning and directing effortings to murder innocent americans. >> reporter: u.s. officials say al-awlaki inspired the fort hood shooter in 2009 and the failed bombing of a detroit airliner that christmas among other attempted attacks. three other americans, including al-awlaki's 16-year-old son, have also been killed by u.s. drone strikes in yemen. civil liberties groups have said such attacks deprive u.s. citizens of constitutional due process protection. but white house press s.e.c. jay carney justified those actions today as legal, ethical, and wise. >> the questions around this issue are important and the president takes them seriously. we have significant challenges because of the nature of the attacks, how they're planned, who plans them. but there is no question that senior operational leaders of al qaeda are continually planning to a
to the meltdown. >> we're now getting a peek behind the curtain into the obama administration justification for targeting an killing american citizens that it suspects of terrorism. it comes as one of the faces of the drone program prepares for his confirmation hearing to the top spot at the c.i.a. catherine herridge tells us some lawmakers are demanding answers. >> the white house press secretary was peppered with questions about the president's authority to target u.s. citizens. >> these strikes are legal, ethical and wise. >> this is giving legal justification for killing american citizens without any trial. >> i would point you to the ample judicial precedent. >> this letter signed by eight democrats and three republicans urges mr. obama to produce the memos th authorizes use the drones to congress and republicans can decide whether it's subject to appropriate limitations and safeguards. susan colins says fundamental principals are at stake. >> the obama administration released all these opinions from the office of legal council about the bush administration's treatment of detainees. so
. in response, top officials in the obama administration argued their actions are justified and legal. >> primary concern is to keep the american people safe, now do so in a way that's consistent with our laws and our values. >> ifill: attorney general eric holder today defended the justice department's rationale for authorizing the killings of americans overseas. >> we are -- we have as a basis for action that we take a congressional statute that allows us to operate against al qaeda and associated entities not only in pakistan or not only in afghanistan but in other parts of the world. we say that we only take these kinds of actions when there's an imminent threat, when capture is not feasible and when we are confident that we're doing so in a they's consistent with a federal international law. >> ifill: nbc news obtained a 16-page justice department whity paper apparently prepared for congressional committees last summer that describes the obama administration's legal reasoning the document sd a lethal operation is legal if it tarts a senior operational leaderf al qaeda or an affil
intentionally say divisive things. obama's birth certificate, you are not american enough or whatever. host: thank you. guest: i have 33 answers. first, as a general matter, members of both parties are constantly blaming people in the other party. i would submit that president obama more than any other president in my lifetime has blamed the republican party and made more excuses than any president. it seemed as if he cannot give a speech for a while without blaming everything including athlete's foot on george w. bush. that gets tiresome after a while. if your criteria is blaming the other party, i think this caller should probably be more upset with president obama than anybody else. the notion that the deficit has gone down under president obama is ludicrous. that's not true. this is empirical fact. it's not a debate about opinion. he's the first president in american history to submit a budget with a 1 trillion dollar deficit. he's now done this before you are years in a row. the deficit increased. it also little over $10 trillion when he took over. now it's approaching $17 trillion. i
ed show" from new york. the obama administration's policy of targeting americans comes under attack on capitol hill. this is "the ed show." let's get to work. >> every american has the right to know when their government believes it's allowed to kill them. >> the president's pick for cia takes a grilling over the targeted killings of american citizens. >> people are reacting to a lot of falsehoods that are out there. >> reporter: tonight, the man who broke this story, michael eyes ackoff of abc news on the revelations for the brennan confirmation hearing. first it was virginia. now michigan is flirting with state-mandated vaginal probes. there's a late update on this story. i'll talk war on women with terry o'neil and actress martha plimpton. >>> senator bernie sanders has a new plan to stop corporate tax dodgers. >> corporations are people, my friend. >> the senator unveils his new bill here tonight. >>> plus, someone actually made the paul harvey farmer ad better. >>> and governor chris christie wants everyone to shut up about his weight. >> shut up. >> tonight, reverend al sharpt
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story from the white house. the controversy surrounding the obama administration and its use of drones to kill americans abroad. the administration is reversing course and saying classified information is tied to the investigation. growing reaction to tonight's decision. >> that have been asking for these classified documents for two years. now the administration is handing over administration about the deadly drawn attacks that targeted more than 300 suspected terrorists. in a surprising about face, and just hours before john brennan begins confirmation hearings the white house agreed to turn over classified documents to member of congress that lay out the rationale for the controversy lagrone program. >> they are suggesting they might hold up of bennett's nomination until they got to see the documents. the documents explain from a legal standpoint how the drones could be used to kill suspected terrorists. it was revealed that american citizens tied to al qaeda can be killed if and inform high-level official believes the target poses an imminent threat. but there does not have to be e
director then faced senators. lawmakers recently got a look at a recent document explaining why the obama administration believes drone strikes can also gaert target americans who join with terrorists overseas. >> it's the idea of giving any president unfettered power to kill an american without checks and balances that's so troubling. >> reporter: brennan defended the policy. >> the president has insisted that any actions we take will be legally grounded. >> reporter: brennan was up for cia director in 2009, but withdrew his name from consideration after questions arose about his role in the war on terror. brennan was a cia executive when the bush administration used harrish interrogation techniques like waterboarding, but he denies any involvement. >> waterboarding is reprehensive and something that should not be done. >> reporter: human rights groups opposed brennan's nomination. a protesser had to be removed from the hearing. she said drone strikes also kill innocent americans. >> this is not the american way. >> reporter: the senate committee will review the he
about americans overseas killed in strikes. president obama has directed the justice department to hand over classified information complete with the legal rationale for drone strikes against americans linked to al qaeda. that's all according to one official. last year they got a memo saying the government can kill u.s. citizens abroad if they're trying to harm other americans. >>> marylanders sound off. the brown gun legislation started off debates today. our ken molestina is live in rockville where a town hall meeting on the issue just wrapped up. what did you find out? >> reporter: well, it was a packed house here at the town hall meeting. of course the lieutenant governor anthony brown on hand to talk about his proposal. and i'll tell you something, just based on my observation, it seems like more people came out to speak against this proposal than in favor of it. >> and by and large, while i appreciate the effort, i do not support the assault weapons ban. >> we applaud the courage for proposing common sense gun laws. >> reporter: both sides of the gun debate showed up to speak dire
legally kill americans overseas. president obama has agreed to the release only after caving in to the demands of congress. and today, in a senate confirmation hearing lawmakers will grill john brennan, obama's choice to lead the cia and also an architect of the drone program and a vocal supporter. >> we conduct targeted strikes because they are necessary to mitigate an actual ongoing threat to stop plots, prevent future attacks, and to save american lives. >> but it was the killing of an american citizen in yemen that raises all the questions. u.s. drones killed u.s.-born cleric anwar al awlaki, he was tied to the terrorist plots including the underwear bomber but never charged in u.s. court. iran claims it has unlocked the encrypted surveillance images from a spy plane drone. cnn cannot independently verify the authenticity video which is running on iranian state television and youtube. >> translator: this aircraft has had many flights in countries around iran and operations that have taken place in pakistan, this aircraft has provided guidance. >> the u.s. has never confir
, staunchly defending the obama administration's use of drones against americans. >> i would like to ask you about the status of the administration's efforts to institutionalize rules and procedures for the conduct of drone strikes, in particular, how you see your role as cia director in that approval process? >> the president has insisted that any actions we take will be legally grounded, will be thoroughly anchored in intelligence, will have the appropriate review process, approval process, before any action is contemplated, including those actions that might involve the use of legal force. >> the fifth amendment is pretty clear. no depreivation of life, liberty or property without due process of law. we are threatening american lives with a drone attack. >> if the executive branch makes a mistake and kills the wrong person or a group of the wrong people, how should the government acknowledge that? >> i believe we need to acknowledge it. i believe we need to acknowledge it to our foreign partners. we need to acknowledge it publicly. >> i have been on this committee more than 10 years. with
and he is indifferent to this and going to shock a lot of americans. >> president obama said he was disbanding the jobs council. what because the economy is so good, jobs are so good or he is not up for reelection again? >> i would think you guys would be happy about this. this cuts more spending. eric, are you telling me when the market closed at over 14,000 today we have a bad economy today? corporate america is doing well? >> what do you mean it cuts more spending. doesn't cost anything to get them in a e-mail or telephone, does it? >> corporate america proved with the market that they are doing fine. it is corporate america the private sec for that everybody on the right like my friend hugh there says should be creating jobs, not the government. it is not the government responsibility to create jobs so why do we need a jobs council, gentlemen? >> well, it is the. >> go ahead. >> it is the government's responsibility not to kill jobs. let me give you three specific examples. the coal plant in corpus christi killed by epa just this week. in colorado, listed by the department o
the world was an utter failure. we actually have the worse in american history preceding barack obama. we -- i think hillary clinton and barack obama have put america on a much -- have v. reclaimed the tradition. >> laura: disseminated. >> they have been severely weakened, laura, come on. >> great to see both of you. >> thank you. >> up next on the rundown, new evidence the economy is still stuck in a ditch. we're going to break it down for you. and then the president's new pick for secretary of defense implodz at his confirmation >> laura: in the impact segment tonight, nor bad news for the u.s. economy. the january jobs report came out today and the unemployment rate is back on the rise. climbing a tenth of a point to 7.9%. and even though the economy added 157,000 new jobs. nearly 23 million americans are still out of work or stuck in part-time jobs. here now with reaction fox news contributor, gary b. smith and joining us from new york is david callahan a senior fellow at demos which is a progressive think tank. all right, gentlemen. let's start with you this on the surface the stock
with tonight rode a book entitled what to expect when no one is expecting. the obama justice department escalates the drug war and the escalates due process. killing americans, no problem. the "a-team" is next with that debate. and a historic day in cairo. the president of egypt embraces eric -- the iranian president. where is president obama? our nation is facing a demographic disaster. america with its own one child policy. author of the new book what to expect when no one is expecting. next.made the best to ♪ ff. it's delicious. so now we've turned her toffee into a business. my goal was to take an idea and make it happen. i'm janet long and i formed my toffee company through legalzoom. never really thought i would make money doing what i love. [ robert ] we created legalzoom to help people start their business and launch their dreams. go to today and make your business dream a reality. at we put the law on your side. ♪ lou: my next guest says the united states was to continue to lead the world, then we must have babies, more babies, a lot more babies.
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% of americans approved of the obama administration's drone policy. the 11% opposed perhaps ad hereins of the old ben franklin adage that those who give up their liberty for more security metro deserve liberty nor security. hannah, i want to go to you first on this given all the work that you've done in and around the issue of drones. the administration laid out three criteria for the killing of u.s. sit sfwlenz. one, that the target be a ranking al qaeda figure. who, the target pose an imminent threat of violent attack against the u.s., and, three, that the targets capture is not feasible. all of those seem like terms that are open to pretty broad interpretation. >> that's exactly right, alex. i think one of the things that is most troubling and remarkable about this memo are that what appear to be restrictions on the first page of the memo become permissions by the end of it when you start reading how they're defined. take imindependence, for example. the administration says that it can only target people who are an imminent threat, but you read on, and it turns out that the high-ranking offici
of law. the ensuing uproar over the white paper has increased pressure on president obama to release the classified version. a 2010 memo used by the justice department to support the 2011 drone killing of american born cleric anwar al alaki. last night the white house announced it would release the classified document to members of the congressional intelligence committee. the administration asserted the move would fulfill a promise made by the president during an appearance on the daily show last year. >> one of the things that we've got to do is put a legal architecture in place, and we need congressional help to do to make sure that not only am i reigned in, but any president is reigned in in terms of some of the decisions we're making. >> well, scrutiny of the drone program seems to be revving up missed the beltway. americans in general seem content with an out of sight out of mind policy that alleviated the immediate for boots on the ground. a washington post abc news poll this month found 83% of americans approved of the obama administration's drone policy. the 11% opposed perh
know. >>> president obama's controversial rationale for targeted killings of americans in other countries has exposed at least the tip of the iceberg of the obama administration's war on al qaeda. daniel is national political correspondent "news week" and the daily beast and also the author of "kill or capture, the war on terror and the soul of the obama presidency." good to see you. thanks very much for joining us. you are right on point with the hearing. the subject of the hearing today. a couple of things you expose in your book. you right about the president having month qualms about killing al alaki in yemen. the american, of course, who was involved with allegedly involved with the christmas bomber. you said that he had become fixated on taking out the charismatic cleric, and you write that his focus was so intense that one of his briefers, general james cartwright, the former deputy national security advisor, thought that -- deputy joint chief of staff chair of the joint chief thought that the obama's rhetoric was starting to sound like george w. bush's, whom he had brief
's something that because so much is at stake, lives of american citizens are at stake and all should be put in the hands and are being put in it hands of one person and even if you trust president obama with this power, they're setting it up for the future so that every president in the future will have this power to decide whether american citizen lives or dies. >> how much of a concern to you and my colleague andrea mitchell pointed this out that it's not that the white house is not taking this seriously but looking at the public sentiment and the lack of if you will outrage of the public, for example, that we're not seeing does that at all give you pause or is it in your view that people don't quite understand that this is not about this administration, this is about other administrations and looking down the line here? >> oh, i think if you were to poll today and by next week, i think things are very different. i think things are really changing this week and in large part due to michael isikoff getting the memo and releasing it. this is a huge issue. the white house is very worried abo
never be anyone in a position to have unlateral decision making on killing americans. guys like me and the men and women of the military and the intelligence agencies over the last 250 years did not do what they did to allow a king, any king in this case obama and his guys to arbitrarily decide who goes on a kill list. we need due process. end of story. if you want to kill terrorist around the world. you have my blessing and i would stay most people who know me over the last 11 years on fox, know i am to haveto the right of the astilla the nun in protect being americans. but when it inform'res americans we need a different set of standarpeds. >> who will incorporate those standards? >> the constitution testimonies us how we are supposed to. and you and i discussed . there are judges like judge napolitano . who is involved in the process and whether to put them on the serious list. you don't want to be on the list that authorizes them to kill you obviously. and then, when we get back to the interrogation side. i am all for water boarding is it water boarding that many of the critici
. it affects all americans. >> absolutely. president obama talks about citizenship. you can't find a list of better citizens, people who are actually, you know, really making sure that children have better education, that there's health awareness, who are actually volunteering, going into service for our country. so this list is really about 100 americans who just happen to be black. >> let's talk about the young woman sitting here, leah neale. besides the obvious, the medals around her neck, what is it about her that made you want to put her on this list? >> she's obviously very well accompli accomplished, won a bronze at the last olympics. we also see she's going to have a very bright future, hoping to see her down in brazil in 2016. so she's -- i think she's quite poised and accomplished and very much an inspiration to a lot of young african-american women. >> this is a sport where you don't see a lot of african-americans chart an inkr incredible path as you have been able to. what do you say to those who aspire to what you have done? >> i think what i would say to those people who kin
an analysis of why president obama does not need support traditional americans any longer i told that you on election night. as you may know the president won the popular vote by about 5 million and electoral vote by 126. but the race was close up until the very last weekend when governor romney inexplicably disappeared. the truth is romney could have defeated president obama but he needed to wage aggressive campaign but he didn't. the national journal has concluded that president obama has given up, given up trying to persuade culturally conservative white americans to his cause. the journal is saying the president believes a coalition he he has assembled. minorities, women, young voters and hard core liberals is, quote and will allow democrats to dominate the next generation of elections. joining us from boca row tan florida, brit hume. journal have it right? >> in part, yeah. if you draw a straight line a projection forward from the 2012 election day, into the future, you get the result that the analysis in the national journal is talking about. politics rarely moves in a straight line
. >> bill: the obama administration saying we have full authority to kill american citizens with drones overseas under the same authorization that george bush was given after september 11th. >> here is my preprediction, no party is ever going to give away that power. when you are sitting in the oval office, suddenly the world view is different. what is is said during campaigns, this is now going to be up to the courts, i think at the end of the day, to ask the very hard question. this is where the courts have to step in and say what does due processes mean? i mean i don't want to try to get too philosophical, but war has gone from being soldiers in trenches facing off where you could have a congressional declaration of war because we knew what war was and we knew what congressional enactments were to this sort of, from-the-sky stuff where you push a button and somebody is taken out. >> lie a video game. >> they sit in kansas and move the knobs back and forth and launch drones. somewhere between that the abdication of power betweenof when we are at war and
violates the constitutional right of american terror suspects to a trial by jury and on tuesday the white house press corps purkedshed obama on the issue. >> this is giving legal justification for killing american citizens without any trial. >> i would point you to the ample judicial precedent for the idea that someone who takes up arms against the united states in a war against the united states is an enemy and therefore could be targeted accordingly. >> anwar al awlaki was killed at an air base in 2011. anne-marie, there's apparently a growing number of these bases operated by the cia and the military. >> susan mcginnis in washington, thank you. >>> well the white house says president obama will travel to israel this spring. it will be from obama's first trip to israel as president. many israelis believe mr. obama has been less than supportive. he'll also visit the west bank and jordan. >>> now to the budget. the president is proposing another stop gap measure to avert the deep spending cuts due to kick in next month. his proposal to deal with the so-called sequest
that killed four americans including ambassador chris stevens. >> a confirmation hearing will be held today for president obama's nomination to head the cia. john brenan will appear before the senate intelligence committee. he could face tough questions about people drone strikes, a russian delegatio -- harsh interrogation techniques, and more. president obama ordered the justice department to give the house and senate intelligence committees access to classified legal advice just fine drone strikes such as the one that killed anwar al-aulaqi in 2011. >> the methods that we used are designed specifically to avoid civilian casualties. >> it claimed the executive branch can be judge, jury, and executioner. >> a leaked memo says americans with ties to al qaeda can be killed if it is believed the target poses an imminent threat. it does not have to be evidence of a credible prospect. >> the senate is postponing a vote on chuck hagel. carl levin had hoped to vote on the nomination today, but he later issued a statement saying no vote would take place this week. a republican said they were dissat
the american people. >> reporter: the drone program puts president obama in an awkward position as a senator and presidential candidate, he criticized the bush administration anti-terrorism policy of enhanced interrogation or torture of suspects. >> this administration acts like violating civil libertyies is the way to enhance our security. it is not. there are no shortcuts to protecting america. >> reporter: now the obama administration is also under fire for what critics believe is acting outside the law. >> we have a president who is doing something that even president bush didn't do which is to order the killing of a united states citizen without clear evidence of an immediate attack. >> reporter: a lot of pressure from democrats as well as republicans to release these documents and today's release seems time to avoid embarrassment for brennan's nomination nomination. his hearing begins shortly before noon. in written responses to senate questions he says the administration is constantly refining the standards from the drone strikes. norah, charlie? >> bill plante
for president obama to moderate. new gallup poll for example says that in january 7' 0% of american hispanics approve of the job barack obama is doing. that number is up from 53% this time last year. and it is the immigration debate that has hispanics cheering on the president. talking points is not a party -- i want solutions. not politics. right now we are not seeing honest debate in america. and that is hurting august of us. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. president obama's biggest critics is senator rand paul from kentucky. >> mr. president, don't you realize as you are piling this debt on the backs of working people that gas prices have doubled, food prices are rising at double digits and 11 million people are out of work? i want you to ask the president this when he comes up here. where the hell were the marines in libya. where the hell were the marines. no marines guarding our ambassador? i'm afraid president obama may have this king complex sort of developing. we are going to make sure that it doesn't happen. >> bill: joining us now from washington is senator paul.
.s. is trying to revive peace talks. the upcoming visit could above the mr. obama's image there. >>> we are now getting a peek bee mind the curtain into the obama administration's justification for targeting and killing american citizens suspected of terrorism. it comes as one of the faces of the drone program prepares for its confirmation to the stop spot in the cia. john brennan is president obama's choice to be the next cia director and will face sufficient questions about the drone program at his confirmation hearings tomorrow. >> let's check in with talker. >> nice, cold start to your day. temperatures falling back for the most part in the upper 20s and low 30s. we are chilly but hoping for a little sun later today with temperatures in the mid-40s. so no travel issues if you are headed to the airport, that kind of thing. let's kick it off bay look at the numbers. a quick reminder, the kids going to the bus stop will want to be prepared for a cold winter morning as we've fallen back into the upper 20s and low 30s no much of the area. 32 in quantity you co. 28 in leonardtown. 32 in baltimore
barack obama. he has over see the disbursement throughout the country through the american reinvestment act and has done so meeting every milestone established by that act. getting money into hands of transit operators whose budgets were severely strained by the worse economic downturn since our great depression. please welcome fta administrator peter rogof. [applause] >> well thank you mayor lee and let me just say as the federal transit administrator it's great to be in a federal transit city. as many people know a rail connection was promised to the people of union square and chinatown going on two decades. they made that promise because this quarter is the most densely populated quarter in the entire western united states that doesn't have an adequate rail connection and that promise was made because we have the opportunity here to cut the commute for tens of thousands of people everyday in half by this investment. the vast majority of the people don't own a car. they depend on transit. well today through president obama's leadership, secretary lahood leadership, the vision of th
-- it's channelling an old fear in american culture but also a newer fear about president obama. >> up next, you've heard of the birthers, now get ready for the skeet birthers. they're the latest right wing conspiracy crowd. you can't believe this theory because you can't blaef any of them. but this is "hardball," the place for politics. [ female announcer ] going to sleep may be easy, but when you wake up in the middle of the night it can be frustrating. it's hard to turn off and go back to sleep. intermezzo is the first and only prescription sleep aid approved for use as needed in the middle of the night when you can't get back to sleep. it's an effective sleep medicine you don't take before bedtime. take it in bed only when you need it and have at least four hours left for sleep. do not take intermezzo if you have had an allergic reaction to drugs containing zolpidem, such as ambien. allergic reactions such as shortness of breath or swelling of your tongue or throat may occur and may be fatal. intermezzo should not be taken if you have taken another sleep medicine at bedtime or in t
, why would you want to attack americans? so i think president obama is right in doing what he's doing. everybody calling against it, we'd better think before we start criticizing this president. we have to do what we have to do. president obama is justified in doing what he's doing. some people don't like the president. whatever george bush did, he did to keep us safe. barack obama is doing whatever needs to do to keep us safe. host: you are a democrat. when the bush administration was using similar tactics, did you feel the same at that time? caller: i sure did and i did not criticize president bush, because he did what he needed to do to keep us safe in america. beingbout we in america safe from terrorism. i think that president barack hussein obama is doing a great job keeping america safe, the best pecan with intelligence he is getting. he has to do what he's got to do. if if you are american and you are committing terrorism on this country, you need to be droned out. so he's doing a great job. host: in the washington times, the headline -- here's what the pakistani ambassador sai
, they are ethical and they are wise. >> bill: liberal americans torn over president obama using drones to kill terrorists. bob beckel will give us his opinion on that. also tonight, dennis miller on north korea threatening the u.s.a., kind of. and juliet huddy on a kid who may want to be president. >> this is your time. this is my time. it's our time. >> bill: caution, you where to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the lack of respect epidemic in america. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. 18-year-old pin nuclear weaponly soto arrested in miami on sunday for possession of narcotics. caught with 26 xanax bars. a fairly large amount of that drug. she has been charged with a felony. on tuesday, she appeared before judge jorge rodriguez for a bond hearing. apparently the judge did not like her flynn pant attitude in the courtroom. he raised her bond from 5,000 to $10,000. ms. soto then began acting out. [bleep] >> come back again. come back again. bring her back again. >> what's up? >> i beli
trying to reach out to hispanic americans. 71% voted for president obama in november. >>> so recently made xbox contributor dick morris sat down with piers morgan wednesday night and they went over several topics. here's what mr. morris said about being so very, very wrong in predicting a mitt romney victory. listen. >> the question really is why obama won by such a margin. and i think the answer is that there has been a fundamental demographic shift in the united states. and i thought that it surfaced in '08 because of a charismatic candidate. i thought it would go back down again and it did in '10. but in 12 they showed up in huge numbers and eight million whites stayed home. and i think the republican party has got to change in fundamental ways, otherwise it will never win another election. >> that was dick morris who again predicted the romney victory. so it has got to be the diapers. check this out. a toddler showing off some pretty sick basketball trick shots. by all accounts, this video is totally legit. oh, my gosh, even that one. 2-year-old titus is his name. the guy who post
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